When we are younger we do not really see the point of a balanced diet even though it is a frequent point of discussion with adults. For people who belong to a generation that is addicted to fast food and sugar intake on a massive level, it can be hard to break out of that cycle. That being said, a balanced diet is your only path to avoiding disease and obesity and also helping to have a good immune system.


  • Protein is the building fiber of the body so it comes first and is not to be underestimated. Protein comes in many forms so it is not to be confused only with a massive beef burger which is laden with grease and oil. Protein is what builds your muscles and maintains your cells. It also causes body tissue to last longer as well as regeneration itself when the time comes.
For a balanced effect you are not to pair protein with a lot of fat or starch because that leads to obesity and heart disease. Try to opt for leafy greens and salads which can balance out the protein and help your body to absorb it better.


  • Fats are not just the fat cells which are found in your body which are associated with fat storage and stretch marks. There is such a thing as healthy fats and they are needed by your body in moderation. Monounsaturated fats are these fats because they do not stick and they provide much of the energy which is needed to last the day. They tend to be Vitamin E rich which means they help cells renew themselves and they are found in olives, peanuts and certain types of healthy oils like sesame seed oil.
  • Trans fats are the fats which cause you to become obese and they are not processed by the body smoothly. They can cause cholesterol to go up and they can clog the arteries of your heart increasing your chances of disease on a massive scale.


  • These are the things which most fad diets prohibit but even carbohydrates have their uses if they are taken in moderation. The good carbs are things like whole wheat, vegetables and fruits and the bad carbs are chocolates, pastries and cake which load on the sugar and cause obesity and diabetes. The only way to avoid the bad carbs is to avoid things high in sugar and to avoid processed food and replace it with healthy home-cooked meals. Generally carbs are rich in calories.


  • No one can live without vitamins as they have such a vital role to play in the way our body functions and deficiencies in any key vitamin can lead to many unpleasant effects like weak bones or adrenal fatigue. A, B, C , D, and K are vital for cell renewal and keeping your muscles and bones strong and they also impact the normal functioning of the brain. There are fat soluble vitamins which can be stored without being processed such as Vitamin A and they are massively beneficial. Although over dosing on them can cause the fat to stack up.
Water soluble vitamins are the ones that are excreted by the body through urine or other forms and they need to be continually replenished as the body neither keeps them for very long nor also cannot manufacture them on its own. This includes vitamins like Vitamin E.
Minerals like potassium are also vital for maintaining blood sugar levels and iron is essential for healthy bones which are why bananas, milk and eggs are such great diet choices even if you are trying to lose weight.


No balanced diet is complete without plenty of water to back it up because it not only neutralizes and removes toxins it is vital for hydration and skin health and also keeps your cells functioning normally. Without the minimum water levels your cells will shrivel up and die. It regulates temperature and helps oxygen reach everywhere through the blood. It helps your joints to stay mobile and flexible and the shape of the cells largely depends on how much water you drink. It is also a cleanser and detoxifying agent and the simplest of them as lemon and green tea is more intense in that regard.